hilarydow asked: Nice work!

Thank you :)

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christine23g asked: First let me start off with saying you paintings are amazing #LoveIt and I paint and sketch things too but have never been able to get water paint right >> How do you create such pieces without a mess??

Hi Christine! Thank you very much! Well, the easy answer is: I don’t. I pretty much always create a mess ;) But water-colours are great because you can layer the paint and turn mistakes into something else (and perhaps better?!). You can also use a brush and clean water to get rid of smudges and things. As a last resort there is always photoshop. Obviously that only works if you only want to present your work online. Hope this helps!

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gatedfridge-deactivated20140730 asked: do you paint these online?

Hi there, thanks for your question! No, most of my work is done offline. I usually use watercolors and ink and then scan the picture once it’s done. I have posted a couple of digital drawings as well but I prefer to work with actual paint and paper. :)

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Anonymous asked: how you gt the inspiration

Hi! I get inspired by pretty much everything. But mainly movies, photos and nature. Of course, also by other artists. Have a lovely weekend!

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